6.75 Prescribed

PALTC EDGE21 Virtual Symposium

by AMDA - The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine

Fri 08/27/21


for up to 6.75 Prescribed credits

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Attend this one-day virtual symposium to discuss and debate controversial topics in the post-acute and long-term care setting. Topics include: Alternative Medicine Use Boundaries of Autonomy and Informed Consent Psychotherapy and Psychiatric Prescribing Systemic Societal Ageism Withholding Food Based on Voluntary Stopping of Eating and Drinking (VSED) Racism and Unconscious Bias Provider-Assisted Dying And More!

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Name: Laurie Wilson, Registrar
Phone: 410-740-9743
Email: registration@paltc.org
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List of Sessions

Session Name Date Credits
PALTC EDGE21 Virtual Symposium Fri 08/27/21 6.75 Prescribed credits