5.00 Prescribed

Accelerated NRCME Online Training

by Iowa AFP

Credit available Thu 12/02/21 - Fri 12/02/22


for up to 5.00 Prescribed credits

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This course has been designed to meet the core curriculum for the medical examiner training in accordance with the FMCSA in an accelerated 4.5 hour class. This course will cover the eight core competency areas designated by NRCME, specifically designed for the family physician, NP's and PA's. This course assumes a prior mastery and skill set in the basics of history and physical examination techniques.

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Name: Kelly Scallon
Phone: 515-283-9370
Email: kscallon@iaafp.org
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Session Name Date Credits
Accelerated NRCME Online Training Credit available Thu 12/02/21 - Fri 12/02/22 5.00 Prescribed credits