3.00 Prescribed

Pediatric Autism Enhanced Case Management

by Colorado AFP

Wed 04/21/21 - Wed 06/30/21


for up to 3.00 Prescribed credits

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This series is designed to support providers in the screening, diagnosis and management of patients with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and developmental delays. Session topics include screening for ASD, evaluating common behavioral challenges and implementing practical behavioral strategies for children with ASD, managing sleep challenges in children with ASD and DD, management of anxiety and ADHD in children with ASD, and medical workup in children with ASD and DD. In addition, resources and r

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Name: Erin Watwood
Phone: 3036966655114
Email: erin@coloradoafp.org
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List of Sessions

Session Name Date Credits
Session 8: Jun 16, 2021 Irritability/Aggression, Sandra Friedman, MD Wed 06/16/21 1.00 Prescribed credits
Session 9: June 23, 2021 Sleep, Terry Katz, PhD Wed 06/23/21 1.00 Prescribed credits
Session 10: Jun 30, 2021 Toileting, Terry Katz, PhD Wed 06/30/21 1.00 Prescribed credits