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Health Equity: Leading Change

by American Academy of Family Physicians

Credit available Wed 08/11/21 - Sun 08/11/24


for up to 6.50 Prescribed credits

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You see it in your own patient base: People with social, economic, or environmental disadvantages tend to have poorer health. Now you can promote better health for all with this free online five-part self-study learning CME series. Supplemental materials are included. Available to AAFP members only.

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List of Sessions

Session Name Date Credits
Striving for Health Equity Credit available Wed 08/11/21 - Sun 08/11/24 1.75 Prescribed credits
Addressing Social Determinants of Health Credit available Wed 08/11/21 - Sun 08/11/24 1.25 Prescribed credits
Supporting Vulnerable Populations Credit available Wed 09/08/21 - Sun 09/08/24 1.00 Prescribed credits
Championing Economics and Policy to Reduce Health Disparities Credit available Wed 10/13/21 - Sun 10/13/24 1.25 Prescribed credits
Understanding the Impact of Climate Change on Population Health Credit available Wed 11/10/21 - Sun 11/10/24 1.25 Prescribed credits