14.00 Prescribed

Nephrology Essentials and Case Studies

by Stony Brook University, School of Medicine, Office of CME

Fri 06/17/22 - Fri 06/24/22

miami, FL

for up to 14.00 Prescribed credits

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miami, FL

To provide the physician with a working knowledge of clinically relevant and up-to-date topics in clinical nephrology using a combined lecture and case study approach. This review will provide a practical overview of commonly encountered problems in clinical nephrology, focusing on prevention, diagnosis, and management. For each topic, nephrology essentials will be reviewed and illustrative cases explored and discussed. Participants will be invited to share their clinical experiences, concerns,

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Name: Myra Intoci
Phone: 631-444-2094
Email: myra.intoci@stonybrookmedicine.edu
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Session Name Date Credits
Nephrology Essentials and Case Studies Fri 06/17/22 - Fri 06/24/22 14.00 Prescribed credits