12.00 Total

Faculty / Clinician Development Fellowship in POCUS

by Global Ultrasound Institute

Wed 06/16/21 - Thu 06/16/22


for up to 12.00 total credits

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The Faculty Development Fellowship in POCUS is for faculty at residency programs, and other small groups, who want to become competent and confident in using ultrasound. Small group of 6 learners engage in a year of monthly live video mentorship sessions with instructors from Global Ultrasound Institute (GUSI). Using our CME approved, online Master Course as a curriculum, and teleguidance during the sessions, we cover techniques, tips, and troubleshooting each month. We anticipate 5-10 sessions.

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Contact Info

Name: Kevin Lee Bergman
Phone: 510-384-0400
Email: gusi@globalultrasoundinstitute.com
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List of Sessions

Session Name Date Credits
Clinician Development in POCUS -- eHealth Africa, Kano, Nigeria Wed 06/16/21 - Thu 06/16/22 12.00 Prescribed credits
Clinician Development in POCUS -- La Clinica Health, Medford OR Wed 07/07/21 - Thu 07/07/22 12.00 Prescribed credits