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Urgent Care Crash Course

by Clinical Medicine Educational Series

Credit available Mon 08/02/21 - Tue 08/02/22


for up to 6.00 Prescribed credits

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Urgent Care Crash Course is an essential course is designed specifically for providers either beginning or transitioning into a career in Urgent Care. The creator went through a career transition into Urgent Care and realized there is a learning gap for a compact course designed for a quick start in Urgent Care. She performed a pain staking thorough literature review to save the leaner hours of research. This material was then condensed into the "must know" for day one of working in urgent care

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Name: Mary Ann Yehl
Phone: 7327688849
Email: yehl44@gmail.com
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Session Name Date Credits
Urgent Care Crash Course Credit available Mon 08/02/21 - Tue 08/02/22 6.00 Prescribed credits