22.00 Elective

Healing the Healer

by Holistic Health and Healing

Wed 09/22/21 - Sun 09/26/21

Weed, CA

for up to 22.00 Elective credits

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Weed, CA

This course is for physicians who are at risk for burnout, a novel ICD10 diagnosis. Physicians are at higher risk for burnout and dissatisfaction with work–life balance that directly affects patient outcomes. We will discuss the scope of burnout, the symptoms, self assessment tools and its impact on patient outcomes.We'll focus on learning and practicing coping skills.We will also explore the relationship of self compassion, mindfulness,finding inner peace,and finding professional fulfillment.

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Name: Mously Le Blanc
Phone: 2672372545
Email: mouslyleblanc@gmail.com

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Session Name Date Credits
Healing the Healer Wed 09/22/21 - Sun 09/26/21 22.00 Elective credits