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Flying Physicians Association 2021 Annual Meeting

by Flying Physicians Assn

Mon 10/18/21 - Thu 10/21/21

Richmond, VA

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Richmond, VA

Re-scheduled due to COVID-19, the 2021 Annual Meeting is the first on-site gathering of pilot-physicians and their families in the historic city of Richmond VA and the first meeting since early January 2020. Members and their guests represent many specialties in addition to Family Practice physicians, and the program is designed to address the interests and needs of all. Aviation updates are linked to each topic or to the member's roles in clinical practice and medical mission work.

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Name: Alice Henderson
Phone: 936.588.6505
Email: ahenderson@fpadrs.org
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Flying Physicians Association 2021 Annual Meeting Mon 10/18/21 - Thu 10/21/21 13.00 Prescribed credits