8.00 Prescribed

Cosmetic Injectables for Healthcare Providers

by IAPAM (International Association for Physicans in Aesthetic Medicine)

Tue 08/31/21 - Wed 08/31/22


for up to 8.00 Prescribed credits

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With 10,000 people turning 65 every year, you will have patients requesting anti-aging procedures. The most common cosmetic minimally invasive procedure is botulinum toxin injections. As well botulinum toxins can be used to treat medical conditions, including migraines, TMJ and hyperhidrosis. As a physician, you need to understand the common contraindications, potential complications and how botulinum toxin injections affect the body. The online course, Cosmetic Injectables, will give you the kn

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Cosmetic Injectables for Healthcare Providers Tue 08/31/21 - Wed 08/31/22 8.00 Prescribed credits