12.50 Prescribed

Review Course for the ABOM Exam - Virtual

by Obesity Medicine Association

Fri 10/22/21 - Sat 10/23/21


for up to 12.50 Prescribed credits

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Prepare for board certification in obesity medicine at the leading Review Course for the ABOM Exam! The Review Course offers a thorough review of the core content covered on the American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM) certification exam with a clinical focus – so you’re not only prepared to take the test, but you’re well equipped to deliver evidence-based care for your patients with obesity. The Review Course includes case-based questions during each session and during lighting round Q&A.

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Name: Mackenzie Cecil
Phone: 3037702526
Email: info@obesitymedicine.org
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Session Name Date Credits
Review Course for the ABOM Exam - Virtual Fri 10/22/21 - Sat 10/23/21 12.50 Prescribed credits