12.00 Prescribed

Healing, Mindfulness and Compassion

by Integrative Medical Clinic Foundation

Fri 05/13/22 - Sun 05/15/22

Czaderoa, CA

for up to 12.00 Prescribed credits

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Czaderoa, CA

"Healing, Mindfulness, and Compassion" is held at the beautiful and tranquil Ratna Ling Conference Center in the Redwoods of Sonoma County, California. The weekend conference offers Eastern and Western approaches to healing: Gentle Tibetan Yoga and Meditation complementing Balint group work to address the complex emotional landscape of clinician-patient relationships. The natural setting and accommodations are extraordinary. The weekend is educational and rejuvenating

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Name: Ellen Barnett
Phone: 707-953-4818
Email: docellenimc@gmail.com
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Session Name Date Credits
Healing, Mindfulness and Compassion Fri 05/13/22 - Sun 05/15/22 12.00 Prescribed credits