15.00 Prescribed

Neurology Modules - Enduring

by Association for Advancement of Restorative Medicine (AARM)

Credit available Wed 06/01/22 - Wed 05/31/23


for up to 15.00 Prescribed credits

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The 19th Annual International Restorative Medicine Conference will be held online, September 9-11, 2021. Major themes include: Practical Skills in Neurology: Neurodegenerative disorders, Cognitive Decline, Anxiety, Depression, Neuroimmunomodulation, Peptide Therapies, Stem Cell Therapies, Advanced Botanical Medicine, Hormone Monitoring and Treatment Protocols. Research review of treatment plans, indications, and contraindications.

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Name: Darrow Hand, ND
Phone: (808) 392-8774
Email: Darrow@restorativemedicine.com
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Session Name Date Credits
Neurology Modules - Enduring Credit available Wed 06/01/22 - Wed 05/31/23 15.00 Prescribed credits