8.00 Prescribed

ABFM Asthma Knowledge Self-Assessment (KSA)

by American Board of Family Medicine

Credit available Sat 01/01/22 - Sat 12/31/22


for up to 8.00 Prescribed credits

ABFM Self-Assessment (Part II) Activity
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The Asthma Knowledge Self-Assessment (KSA) is part of the menu of activities family physicians can use to satisfy Family Medicine Certification Requirements. The Asthma KSA will demonstrate knowledge of Asthma through an online assessment containing 60 multiple choice questions. This a challenging module that aims to encourage learning and information mastery in relevant clinical areas.

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Name: ABFM Support Center
Phone: 877-223-7437
Email: help@theabfm.org
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List of Sessions

Session Name Date Credits
ABFM Asthma Knowledge Self-Assessment (KSA) Credit available Sat 01/01/22 - Sat 12/31/22 8.00 Prescribed credits