8.00 Total

VAFP Hypertension KSA

by Virginia AFP

Sat 11/19/22 - Sat 11/18/23

Richmond, VA

for up to 8.00 total credits

ABFM Self-Assessment (Part II) Activity
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Richmond, VA

The Virginia Academy of Family Physicians is offering learning sessions to assist VAFP members with the completion of their ABFM Family Medicine Certification Process requirements

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Contact Info

Name: Cheryl Modesto
Phone: 8049685200
Email: Cmodesto@vafp.org
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List of Sessions

Session Name Date Credits
VAFP Hypertension KSA Sat 11/19/22 8.00 Prescribed credits
VAFP Hypertension KSA Fri 01/27/23 8.00 Prescribed credits