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UPMASA 2022 Annual Grand Convention

by UPMASA The University of the Philippines Medical Alumni Society in America

Tue 07/05/22 - Wed 07/06/22

Boston, MA

for up to 10.75 Prescribed credits

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Boston, MA

To increase their knowledge in the field of technology in the digital age as well as the importance of allergens in cosmetics and food. They will also learn the value of non-invasive home ventilation for COPD patients. The participants will also learn about breakthroughs and treatments in Rheumatic diseases, identification of the neurobiology of addiction and how to identify those patients. They will also learn about narcolepsy, the non-surgical approach to lung cancer and brain surgery.

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Name: Jose David
Phone: 5185053252
Email: jundavid83@gmail.com
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UPMASA 2022 Annual Grand Convention Tue 07/05/22 - Wed 07/06/22 10.75 Prescribed credits