19.50 Elective

2nd International Masters in Sleep Medicine

by Sleep Institute Foundation

Mon 03/07/22 - Tue 03/07/23


for up to 19.50 Elective credits

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The Master's in Sleep Medicine program is a series of live sessions that lasts 11 months. It offers a solid and updated theoretical and practical knowledge, enabling the physician or HCP to practice sleep medicine. The program serves as preparation for the American Board of Sleep Medicine or the European Certification in Somnology. Faculty includes eminent US and European experts in the field. It is delivered online, but the follow up and interaction is personalized.

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Contact Info

Name: Angie Granum
Phone: 5073160084
Email: granum@worldsleepsociety.org
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List of Sessions

Session Name Date Credits
Neural mechanism regulating normal sleep Mon 03/07/22 1.50 Elective credits
Evaluation of sleep disorders Mon 04/04/22 1.50 Elective credits
Sleep laboratory evaluation of sleep disorders Mon 04/18/22 1.50 Elective credits
Cognitive-behavioral therapy of insomnia Mon 05/23/22 1.50 Elective credits
Update on sleep-disordered breathing Mon 06/20/22 1.50 Elective credits
Hypersomnias of central origin Mon 07/18/22 1.50 Elective credits
Circadian rhythm disorders of sleep Mon 08/29/22 1.50 Elective credits
REM-sleep parasomnias Mon 09/19/22 1.50 Elective credits
Movement disorders of sleep Mon 10/24/22 1.50 Elective credits
Sleep disorders in children and adolecents Mon 11/07/22 1.50 Elective credits
Pediatric sleep disorders in special populations Mon 11/21/22 1.50 Elective credits
Sleep and cardiovascular risk Mon 12/05/22 1.50 Elective credits
Sleep and Neurology Mon 12/12/22 1.50 Elective credits