20.00 Prescribed

Beyond the Mindset: Preparing for the 22nd Century Medical Mindset Mastery Course

by MedQueen LLC

Sat 01/29/22 - Sat 12/17/22


for up to 20.00 Prescribed credits

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A course with trauma informed foundations where healthcare professionals learn evidenced based tools; tools when learned & applied can alleviate signs and symptoms of moral injury and burn out. The unique design of this course allow participants to experience the small group model and in turn to implement the approach as an integral part at institutions, communities and organizations. Healthcare professionals will be able to apply these tools clinically with patients and personally.

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Name: Dr. Carol Penn, DO, MA, ABOM, FACOFP
Phone: (732) 842-3932
Email: drcarol@drcarolpenn.com
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List of Sessions

Session Name Date Credits
Overview of the New Medicine Sat 10/29/22 2.50 Prescribed credits
Introduction to Mind-Body Skills Group Sat 06/18/22 2.50 Prescribed credits
Imagery Sat 05/28/22 2.50 Prescribed credits
Nutrition & Mindful Eating Sat 09/24/22 2.50 Prescribed credits
Mobilizing, Transforming & Celebrating the Emotions Sat 08/06/22 2.50 Prescribed credits
Trauma & Transformation Sat 12/17/22 2.50 Prescribed credits
Spirituality & Healing Sat 11/19/22 2.50 Prescribed credits
Mind, Mood & Food Sat 07/30/22 2.50 Prescribed credits