5.50 Elective

Wellcoaches Behavior Change Agent

by Wellcoaches School of Coaching

Credit available Mon 11/01/21 - Tue 11/01/22


for up to 5.50 Elective credits

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Coaches partner with clients seeking self-directed changes. We can improve our relationships by shifting a few key behaviors. Based on the most important concepts in core training, this abbreviated course is designed for the student who does not intend to become a coach,but acknowledges a need to shift the way they interact with others. This 5.5 hour e-course provides practical examples, based in science, for cultivating connection, autonomy, motivation, positivity, compassion and confidence.

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Name: Kelly Noffsinger
Phone: 866-932-6224 EX 731
Email: knoffsinger@wellcoaches.com
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Session Name Date Credits
Wellcoaches Behavior Change Agent Credit available Mon 11/01/21 - Tue 11/01/22 5.50 Elective credits