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Internal Medicine Alert - 2022

by Relias LLC

Credit available Sat 01/15/22 - Sat 01/14/23


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Now in its 44th year of publication, Internal Medicine Alert provides clinicians with unbiased expert physician commentary on the most current developments in internal medicine. Twice a month, this time-saving publication examines studies from leading peer-reviewed journals and highlights the most relevant studies for internists and primary care practitioners.

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Name: Amy Johnson
Phone: 9196557767
Email: ajohnson@relias.com
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List of Sessions

Session Name Date Credits
Drinking More Coffee May Protect Against Cognitive Decline Credit available Sat 01/15/22 - Sat 01/14/23 2.00 Prescribed credits
New Dietary Guidance to Improve Cardiovascular Health: Meeting People Where They Are Credit available Sun 01/30/22 - Sun 01/29/23 2.00 Prescribed credits
In Addition to Vaccination, Can More Be Done to Prevent Severe COVID-19? Credit available Tue 02/15/22 - Tue 02/14/23 2.00 Prescribed credits
Consume Olive Oil, Live Longer Credit available Mon 02/28/22 - Mon 02/27/23 2.00 Prescribed credits
Coffee and Tea: Drink Choice and Effects on Stroke, Dementia, and Poststroke Dementia Credit available Tue 03/15/22 - Tue 03/14/23 2.00 Prescribed credits
Coronary Calcium Score Zero: Are You Home Free? Credit available Wed 03/30/22 - Wed 03/29/23 2.00 Prescribed credits
Finding the Most Effective Treatment for Hair Loss in Men Credit available Fri 04/15/22 - Fri 04/14/23 2.00 Prescribed credits
The Effects of Diet, Nutrition, and Weight on Fibromyalgia Credit available Sat 04/30/22 - Sat 04/29/23 2.00 Prescribed credits
Postmenopausal Estrogen May Prevent Death from COVID-19 Infection Credit available Sun 05/15/22 - Sun 05/14/23 2.00 Prescribed credits