7.50 Elective

Basic ECG Interpretation

by CPR Associates

Wed 01/05/22 - Sat 12/31/22

chicago, IL

for up to 7.50 Elective credits

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chicago, IL

1. Describe cardiac anatomy and physiology in relation to electrical conduction systems and electrophysiology 2. Interpret wave forms, electrocardiography, and rhythm strip interpretation 3. Interpret sinus rhythms and atrial rhythms 4. Interpret AV junctional rhythms 5. Interpret AV black rhythms 6. Interpret ventricular arrhythmias and bundle branch blocks 7. Interpret cardiac pacing 8. Interpret acute myocardial infarction

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Session Name Date Credits
Basic ECG Interpretation Wed 01/05/22 - Sat 12/31/22 7.50 Elective credits