21.00 Prescribed

39th Annual Conference on Pediatric Infectious Diseases

by Children's Hospital Colorado

Sun 07/31/22 - Fri 08/05/22

Vail, CO

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Vail, CO

This conference presents topics of interest to pediatric, family practice and infectious diseases clinicians, as well as other health professionals. Speakers cover the most recent information on diagnosis, management, and prevention of infections in pediatrics. Discussion of controversial issues and questions follow each presentation. This conference is designed to promote information interchange; therefore, registration is limited.

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Name: Kris Beam
Phone: 720-777-6671
Email: kris.beam@childrenscolorado.org
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Session Name Date Credits
39th Annual Conference on Pediatric Infectious Diseases Sun 07/31/22 - Fri 08/05/22 21.00 Prescribed credits