7.00 Prescribed

Innova In-Service: Essential Topics in Primary Care

by Innova Primary Care

Fri 02/25/22 - Fri 11/18/22

Huntsville, AL

for up to 7.00 Prescribed credits

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Huntsville, AL

Series of ten 1-hour lectures intended to review essential topics in primary care for physicians, CRNPs, and PAs desiring to build confidence in the management of common presenting complaints in primary care. Lectures focus on evidence-based approaches to diagnosis and management. Many lectures contain a review of pharmacotherapy related to topic, if applicable.

Contact Info

Name: Kelly Diaz, MD
Phone: 256-882-1510
Email: kelly.marie.diaz@gmail.com

List of Sessions

Session Name Date Credits
ADD: Diagnosis & Therapy Fri 05/27/22 1.00 Prescribed credits
CKD: A Silent Epidemic Fri 06/24/22 1.00 Prescribed credits
Elevated Liver Enzymes: Workup & Differential Fri 07/22/22 1.00 Prescribed credits
Management of Thyroid Conditions in Primary Care Fri 08/26/22 1.00 Prescribed credits
Diabetes: A Review of Injectable Therapies Fri 09/23/22 1.00 Prescribed credits
Dysautonomia: What a PCP Should Know Fri 10/28/22 1.00 Prescribed credits
Common Skin Conditions and How to Treat Them Fri 11/18/22 1.00 Prescribed credits