2.00 Prescribed

Optimizing Management of Common Specialty Conditions in the Primary Care Setting

by RubiconMD

Fri 03/18/22 - Fri 03/17/23

New York, NY

for up to 2.00 Prescribed credits

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New York, NY

This CME activity provides practical, case-based guidance on a variety of specialty conditions to improve management by primary care clinicians (PCCs).

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Name: Dr. Katie McGarry, DNP
Phone: 508-642-4229
Email: katie@rubiconmd.com
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List of Sessions

Session Name Date Credits
The Myths of CHF Management in the Primary Care Setting Fri 04/01/22 - Fri 03/31/23 1.00 Prescribed credits
Depression Management in the Primary Care Setting Sun 05/01/22 - Sun 04/30/23 1.00 Prescribed credits