6.25 Prescribed

ALSO Provider Course

by North Colorado Medical Center Family Medicine Residency

Wed 07/13/22

Greeley, CO

for up to 6.25 Prescribed credits

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Greeley, CO

Participants attending an ALSO Course learn practical, standardized team-based approaches to managing emergency situations, such as postpartum hemorrhage, shoulder dystocia, breech delivery, cord prolapse and maternal resuscitation. Although labor and delivery room emergency care is the main focus of the program, the ALSO curriculum further addresses preventive care and practice concerns, such as medical complications of pregnancy, preterm labor, labor dystocia, trauma, and helping parents cope

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Name: Kendal Rosas
Phone: 9708102815
Email: kendal.rosas@bannerhealth.com

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Session Name Date Credits
ALSO Provider Course Wed 07/13/22 6.25 Prescribed credits