10.00 Prescribed

Self-Compassion in Action; Self-Compassion Training for Healthcare Communities

by Center for Mindfulness and Compassion at Cambridge Health Alliance

Wed 05/04/22 - Tue 02/28/23


for up to 10.00 Prescribed credits

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This activity will help resolve the problem of clinician burnout, difficult patient-doctor situations such as poor communication or non-adherence to clinician recommendations. This training aims to improve wellbeing and personal resilience in healthcare professionals by teaching mindful self-compassion skills to deal with distressing emotional situations, and difficult patient interactions as they occur at work.

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Contact Info

Name: Paula Gardiner
Phone: 617 591 6132
Email: pgardiner@challiance.org
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List of Sessions

Session Name Date Credits
When Medical Mistakes Happen Wed 09/14/22 1.00 Prescribed credits
Compassion and Empathy in Patient Communication Wed 11/30/22 2.00 Prescribed credits
Returning to the Hippocratic Oath Tue 02/28/23 1.00 Prescribed credits
Self Compassion in Action Session 1 to 6 Wed 05/04/22 - Wed 06/08/22 6.00 Prescribed credits