13.50 Prescribed

CAOHC Professional Supervisor Course - Enduring

by Johns Hopkins Education and Research Center

Credit available Fri 04/01/22 - Sat 04/01/23


for up to 13.50 Prescribed credits

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A one-day training program to prepare audiologists, otolaryngologists, or other physicians to become certified Professional Supervisors of the Audiometric Monitoring Program©. Federal record keeping and reporting requirements for hearing conservation programs (HCPs) are increasing the need for audiologists and physicians to serve as Professional Supervisors. These professionals, who supervise audiometric testing programs, should fully understand and employ best practices of hearing conservation.

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Name: Mary L. Doyle, MPH, RN
Phone: 410-917-5037
Email: mdoyle6@jhu.edu
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Session Name Date Credits
CAOHC Professional Supervisor Course Credit available Fri 04/01/22 - Sat 04/01/23 13.50 Prescribed credits