15.00 Prescribed

MSUCOM Summer Symposium 2022

by Michigan State University

Fri 06/24/22 - Sun 06/26/22

Traverse City, MI

for up to 15.00 Prescribed credits

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Traverse City, MI

As the breadth and scope of medical knowledge required for competent medical practice grows on a yearly basis, it becomes imperative for the clinician to have a broad fund of knowledge applicable to large groups of patients seen in the primary care setting. This symposium will focus on topics relevant to the primary care physician (regardless of discipline) and include updates on specific populations.

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Name: Meghan Tappy
Phone: 517-353-9714
Email: cme@com.msu.edu
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Session Name Date Credits
MSUCOM Summer Symposium 2022 Fri 06/24/22 - Sun 06/26/22 15.00 Prescribed credits