21.75 Total

Comprehensive MRO Training

by American Association of Medical Review Officers, Inc.

Fri 07/29/22 - Sat 07/29/23

Available in multiple locations

for up to 21.75 total credits

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Available in multiple locations

The Comprehensive MRO Training is an overview of the role and responsibilities of the Medical Review Officer in workplace alcohol and drug testing programs. The program covers procedures for urine collection; laboratory testing procedures; alternative medical explanations for laboratory confimed non-negative drug test results; interpreting and evaluating test results; MRO contact and interview with the donor; test reporting; federal and state regulations and legal considerations.

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Name: Barbara Brandon
Phone: 800-489-1839
Email: bbrandon@aamro.com
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List of Sessions

Session Name Date Location Credits
Comprehensive MRO Training Fri 07/29/22 - Sat 07/29/23
Dallas , TX 75039
21.75 Prescribed credits
Comprehensive MRO Training Fri 12/02/22 - Sun 12/04/22
Las Vegas , NV 89109
21.75 Prescribed credits