26.50 Prescribed

2022 Summer Break Away & Annual Assembly

by South Carolina AFP

Thu 06/09/22 - Sun 06/12/22

Isle of Palms, SC

for up to 26.50 Prescribed credits

ABFM Self-Assessment (Part II) Activity
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Isle of Palms, SC

Physicians and other health care professionals will receive current information on diverse medical topics that were selected based on assessed needs, future trends and the relevance to quality patient care. Each session will have specific objectives, provide up-to-date information and highlight new advances to enhance clinical skills.

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Contact Info

Name: Kerrie Brisco
Phone: 864-984-7237
Email: Scafpcoordinator@gmail.com
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List of Sessions

Session Name Date Credits
KSA Health Counseling and Preventive Care Sat 06/11/22 8.00 Prescribed credits
CME General Sessions Thu 06/09/22 - Sun 06/12/22 18.50 Prescribed credits