8.00 Prescribed

Emergency Medicine Practice

by EB Medicine

Credit available Fri 07/01/22 - Fri 06/30/23


for up to 8.00 Prescribed credits

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The 12 monthly issues focused on real emergencies and written by practicing, experienced ED physicians take you step by step from the moment your patient presents to the ED through risk stratification, laboratory testing and imaging, all the way to disposition. The Points & Pearls quick-read supplement provides the key points and practice takeaways for each issue. The EMplify podcast summarizes key points & highlights the evidence, as well as addresses advances and controversies from each issue.

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Name: Kandis Slater
Phone: 678-366-7933
Email: ebm@ebmedicine.net
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List of Sessions

Session Name Date Credits
Allergy and Anaphylaxis Credit available Fri 07/01/22 - Fri 06/30/23 4.00 Prescribed credits
Advances in Cardiac Resuscitation Credit available Mon 08/01/22 - Mon 07/31/23 4.00 Prescribed credits