8.00 Total

Fundamentals of Regenerative Medicine

by R3 Medical Training LLC

Sat 06/11/22 - Sat 06/10/23

Nashville, TN

for up to 8.00 total credits

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Nashville, TN

Regenerative Medicine is an exciting field full of new technology. This stimulating 8 Lesson course on Regenerative Medicine explains USA FDA regulations of regenerative biologics, the differences between autograft and allograft biologics, and explores which supplements are effective in supporting regenerative therapies. Exosomes, stem cells, PRP, growth factors are discussed, along with comparisons of autograft and allograft procedures such as bone marrow, adipose, umbilical, and amniotic.

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Name: David Greene, MD, PhD, MBA
Phone: 8889986343
Email: dgreene@r3medicaltraining.com
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List of Sessions

Session Name Date Credits
Fundamentals of Regenerative Medicine Sat 09/10/22 - Sun 09/11/22 8.00 Elective credits