2.00 Prescribed

MROCC MRO Quarterly Newsletter

by Medical Review Officer Certification Council

Credit available Wed 06/15/22 - Thu 06/15/23


for up to 2.00 Prescribed credits

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This CME activity is an excellent source of knowledge for any physician involved in monitoring drug testing programs and/or the treatment of substance use disorders. The self-study activity is based on the MROCC MRO Quarterly Newsletter. This activity is a great tool to help Medical Review Officers (MROs) stay up-to-date with current regulations and changes in the MRO field.

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Name: Kristine Pasciak
Phone: 847-631-0599
Email: mrocc@mrocc.org
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List of Sessions

Session Name Date Credits
Quarter 2 Credit available Wed 06/15/22 - Thu 06/15/23 1.00 Prescribed credits
Quarter 3 Credit available Tue 11/15/22 - Wed 11/15/23 1.00 Prescribed credits