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Peer to Peer Coaching for HealthCare Professionals

by Clinical Medicine Educational Series

Wed 06/01/22 - Thu 06/01/23


for up to 5.00 Prescribed credits

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A Peer to Peer Coaching Training program for HealthCare Professionals to assist organizations to implement this needed resource. Training is geared for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other Healthcare Professionals, as needed. The program includes 6 hours of training on Peer to Peer Coaching Fundamentals. At the conclusion of the program, participants will utilize learned concepts to take on a panel of peers to coach, which improves well-being and decreases burnout.

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Name: Mary Ann Yehl
Phone: 7327688849
Email: mclaughlin44@yahoo.com
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Session Name Date Credits
Peer to Peer Coaching for HealthCare Professionals Wed 06/01/22 - Thu 06/01/23 5.00 Prescribed credits