8.00 Prescribed

2022 Virtual Summer Symposium - KSA (Heart Disease)

by North Carolina AFP

Fri 08/05/22

Raleigh, NC

for up to 8.00 Prescribed credits

ABFM Self-Assessment (Part II) Activity
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Raleigh, NC

The new Heart Disease ABFM-developed KSA activity focuses on diagnosis and management of acute coronary syndrome and other manifestations of ischemic heart disease, as well as stable and acute decompensated heart failure. Topics include pathophysiology, EKG interpretation, pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatment, and disease progression and outcomes.

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Name: Kathryn Atkinson
Phone: 919-214-9058
Email: Katkinson@ncafp.com
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Session Name Date Credits
2022 Virtual Summer Symposium - KSA (Heart Disease) Fri 08/05/22 8.00 Prescribed credits