32.00 Prescribed

POCUS in the Desert 2024

by Remedy Direct Primary Care, LLC

Fri 04/19/24 - Sat 10/26/24

Tempe, AZ

for up to 32.00 Prescribed credits

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Tempe, AZ

Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) is useful in the clinic, urgent care, ER, or hospital setting. This course will give you a general comfort with using POCUS in your practice. Each day of the course will have a different focus with topics such as gallbladder, DVT, AAA, Lung, FAST, soft tissue, and musculoskeletal exams and injections.

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Name: Mya Trent
Phone: 928-223-4823
Email: contact@remedydpc.com
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List of Sessions

Session Name Date Credits
Intro to POCUS for Urgent Care (Day 1) Fri 04/19/24 8.00 Prescribed credits
POCUS for Urgent and Primary Care Needs (Day 2) Sat 04/20/24 8.00 Prescribed credits
Musculoskeletal POCUS Diagnostics (Day 1) Fri 10/25/24 8.00 Prescribed credits
Musculoskeletal POCUS-guided Injections (Day 2) Sat 10/26/24 8.00 Prescribed credits