11.00 Prescribed

My First 24: a coaching program for physicians: My First 24 (April 24 - July 17, 2021)

by Emily Shaw, MD

Credit available Sat 04/24/21 - Sat 07/17/21


for up to 11.00 Prescribed credits


Emily Shaw, MD is a certified life coach for physicians. This 12 week coaching program is specifically tailored to community-minded physicians. Through a combination of weekly 1hr small group sessions, weekly 45min individual coaching sessions and 5-15min of homework per week, doctors learn the tools they need to attain a sense of wellbeing in all aspects of their life and escape the tug-a-war between work & the rest of life. Enrollees end up with better relationships, quality of life & balance.

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Name: Emily Shaw, MD
Phone: 8587352067
Email: emilyshawmdcoaching@gmail.com
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