AAFP Leadership Conference Online Planner and Mobile App

Plan your AAFP Leadership Conference Schedule in Advance

Organize your daily schedule of ACLF and NCCL programming, exhibitors you wish to visit, and more with the conference’s online planner and mobile app.

Online Planner

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Create your "Online Planner” account(plan.core-apps.com)
  2. Use the navigation links to browse the program by day, program type, or topic (click on sessions for more details or use the search tool)
  3. Build your "My Schedule" by tapping the calendar icon next to sessions of interest

Login credentials can also be used for the mobile app once it’s download on your mobile device.

Mobile App

To synch your online planner with the mobile app, follow these steps:

  1. From the app store, download the “AAFP Events app to your device(m.core-apps.com)
  2. Open the” AAFP Leadership Conference 2018” mobile app
  3. Open “Settings” (tap the gear icon at the top of the dashboard), select "Multi Device Sync" from the list of options, and tap "Additional Device"
  4. Enter your Online Planner/app account credentials when prompted and hit "Submit"

Once the app updates, your agenda will be present in the app's "My Schedule." Any changes you make in the online planner or mobile device will sync automatically.