• Virtual Platform Q&As

    These Platform Q&As are intended to be a useful resource and guide for your online learning experience. We will keep this updated as more questions arise. 

    What are the system requirements for the Leadership Conference (ACLF/NCCL) platform?

    You can access the Leadership Conference (ACLF/NCCL) on a PC running Windows 7+ or Mac running macOS 10.12+ through Chrome or Safari. You can also access via Android tablets and phones using Chrome and iPhones and iPads using Safari. For the best experience, we recommend joining on a computer through Chrome. 

    NCCL Attendees: To fully participate in all aspects of NCCL, including voting in elections and the business session, you must join on a computer through Chrome. The Lumi platform, which will be supporting our elections and the business session, is NOT supported on a mobile device (iPad, iPhone, tablet, or Adroid mobile device).

    You should also check your connection speed prior to joining the meeting. You’ll need a minimum of 0.6 Mbps download speed, but we recommend at least 1 Mbps for streaming. For video calls, we recommend 2.5 Mbps download speed. 

    To test your connection, go to: https://tokbox.com/developer/tools/precall/results

    What steps can I take to help me have a great experience at a virtual conference?

    Below are some helpful tips to help you have the best user experience at the Leadership Conference (ACLF/NCCL):

    • Make sure your browser is up to date with the latest version
    • Disable any large or privacy-related browser extensions or plug-ins
    • Ensure that your browser is allowing use of your camera and microphone
    • Ensure that your computer is allowing use of your camera and microphone in your device settings
    • Clear your cache, cookies and browsing data of all time or use a private/incognito browser window if you are experiencing any issues
    • Maximize your internet connection by connecting your computer by an ethernet cable directly from your internet router. 
    • If you must use Wi-Fi, try and use the 5GHz network and make sure you are 5-8 ft from your router.
    • Close other apps on your device that aren’t essential to your live stream
    • Disconnect other non-essential devices around your home (or office) that are connected to the internet: streaming devices, tablets, phones, video game systems, and/or smart TVs
    • For firewall issues: contact your company’s IT department about whitelisting https://aafp-aclf.nccl.junolive.co/live.

    How do I set up my profile?

    The first time you log in, a link at the top of the home page will appear that asks you to complete your profile. Make sure to select your areas of interest. The platform will suggest sessions that align with your interest choices. You can continue to update your profile throughout the program by clicking on it in the top right of your screen.  

    How do I set up my schedule?

    There is an “Attend” option for each live event. Clicking that will add the event to your calendar in the platform. 

    In what time zone are the meeting times displayed?

    Time zones are adjusted for each user, so events are displayed in your local time. 

    Can you have multiple time slots for meetings on the same day?

    Yes, by toggling on the “Allow members to contact me” switch, attendees will be able to book a meeting with you on the quarter hour during your set availability time. By setting away dates, you will block off time periods that attendees may schedule a meeting with you. 

    How do I connect with people individually?

    To schedule a private meeting, you may find them in the “Attendees” tab, click on their user and click “Send Message” or “Schedule” if they have allowed other attendees on the platform to contact them. 

    How can I see who is attending?

    The “Attendees” tab in the orange navigation bar will pull the full attendee list for you to browse and search. 

    How do I get to my unique “room?”

    Once you schedule a meeting with someone, you will be brought to a URL that will turn into your private meeting room at the time for which it was scheduled. This will get saved to your schedule for easy reference at the meeting time. If you choose to schedule the meeting for “Now,” your meeting room will be live. You may invite others to join this meeting by copying and pasting the URL into a message with another attendee. 

    What’s the difference between notifications and direct messages?

    Near your profile in the top right corner, you’ll see a chat bubble for notifications. These notifications are only for event-wide notifications from the Leadership Conference (ACLF/NCCL). 

    If you’d like to direct message another attendee, you can send them a direct message through this platform by clicking on their profile from the “Attendees” tab. They will then receive an email alerting them to your message and enabling them to respond to you. 

    Can I change my background like Zoom?

    Unfortunately, no. Make sure your background is appropriate and something you do not mind people seeing. 

    How long does it take before a Live session will be available on demand? 

    In order to encourage attendees to engage with the Live content, sessions will be available in the On Demand section the week following the Leadership Conference (ACLF/NCCL). Recordings will be available to attendees for 30 days. 

    What’s on the platform? Where do I go to get what I need?

    • HOME – Where it all begins. Here you will find your most valuable tool for success: The Navigation Bar!  
    • ON DEMAND – After the conference, this is where you will find all recordings. Recordings will be available the week after the conference for 30 days.
    • SCHEDULE – This is where you will find all live content for Leadership Conference (ACLF/NCCL). Just remember that when you see something you are interested in, click the orange “Attend” button to add it to your schedule.
    • FAQ & HELP DESK – You are already here. 
    • MORE - Click here for an awesome library of options to appear on the left-hand side of your screen.
      • My Schedule – This is where all the upcoming delightful content you choose to attend will appear for easy access.  
      • Attendees – Here is where you can find all the details about your fellow attendees. Use this area to schedule private meetings or send a quick message. Anyone with a profile on the platform will be listed here.
      • Speakers – a concise list of all the speakers in the program. Links to bios with photos will appear here.
      • My Contacts – a directory of your saved contacts you’ve made through this platform
      • My Attendance – is everything that you have attended - all in one place for quick and easy reference!
      • Notifications – This is where you will find all your personal notifications on the platform.

    I can't hear the session. What do I do?

    • Check that your computer's sound is unmuted, and that the volume is turned up.
    • Access your system preferences to make sure your audio output is selected to speakers or headphones.

    I can't see the session. What do I do?

    • Refresh or restart your browser or try another browser on your computer.
    • Try accessing the event from another computer, tablet, or phone.
    • Try connecting to another network (Wi-Fi or mobile hotspot).
    • Check with your IT department to make sure you do not have a firewall blocking live video or disconnect from your company VPN.

    Is there a dress code?

    Please feel free to wear comfortable, casual attire to the meeting. The AAFP wants this meeting to be an enjoyable experience for attendees. Ultimately, how you look on camera shows how professional you are, so make sure what we see is what you want us to see.

    What if I’m not satisfied with the live streaming course experience?

    Please contact the AAFP Member Resource Center at 800-274-2237 or msosupport@aafp.org.