2016 Family Medicine Experience

FMX Videos

Enjoy these video highlights shown in Orlando during the 2016 FMX.

AAFP President: John Meigs, Jr., MD, FAAFP

Meet newly installed AAFP President John Meigs, Jr., MD, FAAFP.  He is a practicing family physician in his hometown of Centreville, AL.

Hear Dr. Meigs describe his vision for the future of family medicine in America.

Family Physicians Manifesto

What makes family physicians different? Hear your colleagues spell it out.

Leaders. Advocates. Researchers. Healers. See what family medicine looks like for you and your peers.

2017 AAFP Family Physician of the Year Karen L. Smith, MD

Meet Karen L. Smith, MD, of Raeford, NC, and learn how she uses modern technology and the power of touch to care for her patients.

Hear Dr. Smith’s acceptance address as the 2017 AAFP Family Physician of the Year.

MACRA Update

Watch Shawn Martin, Senior Vice President of Advocacy, Practice Advancement, and Policy at the AAFP, give an update on MACRA at the Thursday General Session.

2016 AAFP FMX Highlights

Enjoy this inspiring look back at the best five days in family medicine.

Keynote Speaker Atul Gawande, MD

Renowned author Atul Gawande applauded family physicians for providing collaborative, patient-centered care.

Read about his keynote address in AAFP News or visit the website for The Conversation Project(theconversationproject.org), an organization mentioned by Dr. Gawande that encourages patients to talk about their wishes for end-of-life care.

FMX Daily Experience

Read the digital Daily Experience(www.fmxdailyexperience.org) for a recap of FMX events and profiles of speakers and colleagues.

Wednesday's Edition(www.fmxdailyexperience.org)


  • Make the commitment to never stop at this year’s FMX(www.fmxdailyexperience.org)
  • FMX can help prepare you for fast-approaching MACRA changes(www.fmxdailyexperience.org)
  • Sneak a peek into the Office of the Future(www.fmxdailyexperience.org)
  • Each General Session looks to improve family physicians’ lives(www.fmxdailyexperience.org)
  • Partnership brings TCPi information to FMX(www.fmxdailyexperience.org)

Thursday's Edition(www.fmxdailyexperience.org)


  • General Session Highlights Family Medicine’s Growing Role in Health Care(www.fmxdailyexperience.org)
  • Writings on the Wall: Never Stop(www.fmxdailyexperience.org)
  • New AAFP President Touts Rural Roots, Relishes Problem-Solving(www.fmxdailyexperience.org)
  • Text of Remarks by AAFP President John S. Meigs, Jr., MD(www.fmxdailyexperience.org)
  • Board Election Results(www.fmxdailyexperience.org)

Friday's Edition(www.fmxdailyexperience.org)


  • MACRA to Bring Good News for Family Physicians That Participate(www.fmxdailyexperience.org)
  • Attendees Get a Look at Revamped FamilyDoctor.org(www.fmxdailyexperience.org)
  • DPC Pioneer Shares His Tips for Success(www.fmxdailyexperience.org)
  • Delegates Consider Quality Improvement Evaluation for COD, Update to Fellowship Oath(www.fmxdailyexperience.org)
  • Today’s General Session: Alison Levine(www.fmxdailyexperience.org)

Saturday's Edition(www.fmxdailyexperience.org)


  • Compassion, Imagination, Belief Inspire 2017 Family Physician of the Year(www.fmxdailyexperience.org)
  • Determination is How You Climb Toward Great Success(www.fmxdailyexperience.org)
  • Multiple Delegate Resolutions Focus on Battling Burnout and Seeking Student Debt Relief(www.fmxdailyexperience.org)
  • CME Session: AAFP’s Choosing Wisely Campaign Update: How to Help Your Patients Choose Wisely(www.fmxdailyexperience.org)
  • CME Session: Human Trafficking(www.fmxdailyexperience.org)