Customize Your Learning

FMX offers an unrivaled range of formats to meet your learning needs. From interactive lectures and workshops to panel discussions and expanded learning opportunities, FMX provides the latest evidence-based information and up to a year’s worth of CME.

Find your favorite topics and tracks, plus a few extra options for deeper learning.

CME Session Topics

Review CME session topics organized by content category. Choose from core topics identified by your peers as essential to the practice of family medicine, including unique topics that cover timely issues and new research, bridge performance gaps, and address attendee interest.


Tracks are groups of interactive sessions that follow an educational theme. Three or more sessions are included in each track, allowing attendees to take a comprehensive dive into a specific topic. 

Clinical Procedure Workshops

Attendees observe demonstrations and interact with faculty during these virtual workshops. These sessions are designed to enhance skills-based competencies. These workshops typically run between two and four hours in length. Separate fee and registration required.

Flipped Classroom

Flipped classroom adds an e-learning opportunity prior to FMX. Each flipped classroom consists of an online case vignette, paired with the associated interactive lecture topic. The online case vignette is intended to help you self-identify knowledge or practice gaps. Only included in Clinical Procedure Workshop sessions. Additional fees apply.

FMX On Demand

Included in your registration! FMX On Demand is an online library of key FMX CME sessions that gives you the same broad family medicine curriculum opportunity you get with the live meeting. Earn CME when and where you'd like for up to two years. Choose from 25 On Demand hours or go all in for 150+ when you register.

Find the delivery methods that suit your learning style.

Interactive Lectures

These dynamic sessions are the core of FMX education. Each 60-minute session will culminate in a collaborative dialogue via the Chat and Q&A tools during which you can submit and vote on polling questions.

Problem-Based Learning

Apply and practice key concepts from the associated interactive lecture sessions.  Team up with other learners in virtual breakout sessions to collaboratively work through challenging case studies and receive feedback from expert faculty. Additional CME credit is offered through Translation to Practice®.

Advanced Concepts 

Expert faculty will present these 60-minute interactive lectures on advanced and innovative concepts. These sessions provide learners the opportunity to hear more in-depth information on specific topics.

Collaborative Care Presentations

Patient-centered care has more than one dimension, especially in the complex family medicine environment. Learn new insights and approaches to collaborate with your patients’ other care providers. Lead family physician faculty are joined by other health experts, personal care givers, and more to expand your view on the patient/provider relationship.

Panel Discussions

Expert faculty will present differing perspectives/approaches on specific topics. A moderator will facilitate the 45-minute panel discussion as well as the Q&A during the last 15 minutes of the session.


ePosters are a popular virtual destination for the latest family medicine research and to earn enduring CME credit.