Breaking all the Boundaries at Main Stage

If you’re looking for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. This year’s dynamic lineup is excited to share how they transformed their own blueprints, pushing beyond their limitations to find long-lasting success—and how you can, too.

Spend your days with each of them. You’ll return to practice feeling charged and eager to break new boundaries for your patients, your practice, and your specialty.

New for 2021! Beyond Main Stage: The Member Perspective

After keynote presentations end, keep the conversation going. Join a panel of AAFP members, facilitated by AAFP leaders, as they discuss ways to implement keynote lessons into practice on topics covering health equity, patient care in a post-COVID world, and the hybrid approach to care

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 | 6–7:30 P.M. (CT)

Main Stage Keynote


Family Physician //
Anti-racism Activist

Access to health care isn’t the same for all. The COVID-19 pandemic shined an even larger spotlight on the inequalities related to social determinants of health (SDOH) during the recent crisis. Widely recognized as an anti-racism thought leader and activist, Camara Jones, MD, MPH, PhD, will discuss the important role family physicians play in reducing health inequities across the country. You’ll leave ready to break through SDOH barriers in your community to ensure better health for all.


Beyond Main Stage : Everyday Strategies to Achieve Health Equity

Start your Wednesday morning with our panel of health equity advocates. Be here as they discuss family medicine’s role in reducing health inequities as well as strategies that you can implement into your own practice.

Panel facilitator (1): Danielle Jones, MPH, PHD, AAFP Director of the Center for Diversity and Health Equity; AAFP member panelists (2–4): Andrea Westby, MD; Keisha Harvey Mansfield, MD; and Viviana Martinez-Bianchi, MD, FAAFP


Main Stage Keynote


Best-selling Author //

The global pandemic irrevocably changed the world and uprooted many industries, including health care. Yet the crisis provided a positive opportunity as well—the chance for our family medicine specialty to reimagine its future in a post-COVID world. Relying on optimism, best-selling author Simon Sinek will challenge you to shift your mindset by thinking differently about the changes you can make to support the transformation of health care now and into the future. 


Beyond Main Stage: The Future of Patient Care in a Post-COVID World

The pandemic permanently changed the way you practice medicine. Tune in to hear how other family physicians are adjusting in this post-COVID world, how it’s transformed the way they deliver care, and how you can make positive changes in your practice moving forward.

Panel facilitator (1): Julie Wood, MD, MPH, FAAFP, AAFP Senior Vice President for Research, Science, and Public Health; AAFP member panelists (2–5): Jay Lee, MD, MPH, FAAFP; Alexa Mieses-Malchuk, MD, MPH; Carl Lambert, Jr., MD; and Beth Oller, MD  


Main Stage Keynote


Cardiologist //
CBS News Sr. Medical Correspondent

The family medicine specialty is known for making medicine personal. Patients aren’t just people you treatthey’re family. Nevertheless, in today’s tech-driven world it’s become harder to balance personal interactions with bulky EHR updates. Tara Narula, MD, knows the balancing act all too well, but insists that to treat the whole person, you must also continue to draw upon the importance of human connection. She’ll remind you why hearing patient’s share their own personal story improves not only health outcomes, but also leads to healthier communities.

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 | 9:30–10 A.M. (CT) 

Beyond Main Stage: The Hybrid Care Model: Blending In-person and Virtual Visits

COVID-19 accelerated the use of telehealth services in practices across the country. Listen in as our panelist discuss why value-based care requires a balance of both telehealth and in-person visits—and how you can find the right mix of services for your practice, too. 

Panel facilitator (1): Stephanie Quinn, AAFP Senior Vice President for Advocacy, Practice Advancement, and Policy; AAFP member panelists (2–4):Natasha Bhuyan, MD; Scott Boyens, MD, FAAFP; and Steve North, MD

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 1 | 8–9:15 A.M. (CT)

Main Stage Keynote


Family Physician //
Professor & Author

Thanks to advancing technologies and ever-changing clinical guidelines, the health care industry is continuously evolving. How do you keep up? FMX fan favorite Frank Domino, MD, is back to break down the latest evidence-based clinical recommendations for your family medicine practice. His jam-packed presentation translates the latest and best medical literature into care strategies to help you provide high-quality, evidence-based care to your patients.