Planning Satellite Symposia

The following information will help you as you plan your Satellite CME event.

Hotel Selection

Groups planning to hold a satellite CME symposium during the AAFP FMX must complete an application and receive approval from AAFP prior to contacting a hotel to request function space.  All satellite CME symposia must be held in hotel meeting space.  Hotels within the AAFP housing block have been instructed not to assign function space for satellite CME symposia without a copy of the AAFP letter of agreement presented to groups who have been approved to hold a satellite CME symposium by AAFP.

Contact Julia Ozark at (913) 906-6297 for more information.

On-Site Registration

Registration at the event location may open 30 minutes prior to the approved start time. On-site registration is managed by the CME provider or activity organizer.

Food, Beverage, and Entertainment

Please refer to PhRMA Marketing Code of Conduct and the AdvaMed Codes on food and beverage items from supporters. To maintain the focus on education and the research being presented, no entertainment or performance, live or otherwise, may be offered before, during, or after the event. Please refer to the Physician Payment Sunshine Act guidelines.


Signs may be placed throughout the hotel where the function is being held, with the hotel’s permission. Signs may not be placed inside or around the convention center. Signage must be placed outside of the room informing attendees their meals may be reportable.

Invitations, tickets, etc., may be distributed by one of the methods noted or in the supporter's exhibit booth (if exhibiting). Any other form of distribution (including from a hotel or the convention center lobby) is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, hand distribution of invitations or button-holing physicians at hotels or the convention center.

To comply with the Physician Financial Transparency Reports (Sunshine Act), a provision within the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, CME funders are required to report transfers of value from industry to physicians anywhere in the country from August 1, 2013 onward. The provision is designed to promote transparency in relationships between industry and physicians and to help control the rising costs of health care. When providing meals for learners at funded CME activities, signage must be placed outside of the room to inform attendees their meals may be reportable.

Exhibit Booth

Booth representatives may distribute invitations, tickets, etc., from within the exhibit space assigned to the supporter, if exhibiting.

Transportation/Shuttle Service

Since AAFP shuttles do not run for satellite CME symposia, it is at the CME provider's discretion whether to provide transportation for satellite CME symposia attendees. Members have mentioned in FMX evaluations that they like to have transportation provided to and from satellite symposia. In promotional materials, CME providers may wish to highlight that transportation will be provided for attendees. Transportation may not originate from the convention center. Contact your shuttle provider for guidance.

On-Site Materials

AAFP does not require review of on-site handout materials prior to the event. AAFP will review all materials during the post-event review process. All information that is required for promotional materials should be included in on-site handout materials.

If pharmaceutical options or recommendations are included as part of the activity, AAFP recommends that the handout materials include an index of the generic names of all drugs in a class in alphabetical order with their corresponding trade names listed beside them. This will be a helpful reference tool for physicians. No indication of preference for one drug over another may be made, and the list should be comprehensive.

On-Site Monitoring

Physician and staff monitors representing AAFP will attend the satellite CME symposia to audit them for compliance with guidelines. Monitors will act as silent observers.

Reporting AAFP Prescribed Credit

Participants will be able to report their AAFP Prescribed credit earned for the event at the Internet Access & CME Reporting areas in the convention center. No documentation is required when reporting credit.

After-Product Enduring Material

The CME provider may develop and distribute an after-product enduring material (online, video, CD ROM, monograph, etc.) from the content of the satellite CME symposium. If the CME provider wishes to offer AAFP Prescribed credit for the activity, an Application for Approval of Enduring Materials for CME Credit will need to be submitted to AAFP. A separate AAFP Credit System application review fee will apply. No reference may be made to the AAFP FMX when promoting the new CME activity. Visit AAFP Credit System to learn more about offering CME credit for enduring materials or contact Jolene Sammons at (800) 274-2237, ext. 6551 or

Host a Satellite Symposium

September 24-28, 2019
Philadelphia, PA


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Please contact:
Julia Ozark
(913) 906-6297