Compliance Policy

To protect the integrity and the quality of Satellite symposia and to ensure a successful outcome for all involved parties, the AAFP requires each satellite CME symposium provider to agree that they, their employees, facilitator(s) (if applicable), activity organizers, and supporters observe all applicable AAFPACCME Standards for Commercial Support( Standards for Commercial Support, and AMA guidelines( Additionally, the AAFP reserves the right and discretion to restrict and/or dismiss at any time any event which it deems undesirable, in poor taste, or offensive to attendees. CME providers are encouraged to review these guidelines with staff to ensure compliance.

The CME provider of the satellite CME symposium is held responsible for the event.

Events will be monitored for compliance and will be found non-compliant for, including, but not limited to, the following situations:

  • Presenting content that is commercially biased, imbalanced, or scientifically unsound.
  • Failure to make appropriate written disclosures of relationships to participants prior to beginning the activity.
  • Failure to make appropriate written disclosures for commercial support for the activity.
  • Failure to resolve conflict of interest prior to beginning the activity.
  • Failure to maintain appropriate independence from the promotional goals and activities of supporter(s).
  • Presenting a CME activity that involves sales or promotion.
  • Promoting products for unapproved uses.


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