Roles and Responsibilities

CME Provider

A CME provider is the entity responsible for the educational activity (responsible for the overall program, selection of faculty, content, budget) for which AAFP CME credit is being sought. The CME provider does not need to be accredited by ACCME or an authorized state medical society to apply for AAFP credit. This definition includes AAFP chapters, as well as not-for-profit organizations, medical schools, volunteer agencies, specialty associations, and commercial producers, such as health care communication companies. The definition excludes proprietary health care related entities such as pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment manufacturers, and health care communication companies (when employed by a proprietary entity). Activities produced by such entities are not eligible for AAFP CME credit. Neither the CME provider nor the educational partner may be an agent of the commercial supporter.

In the event final approval is denied by the AAFP, it is the responsibility of the CME provider or its agent(s) to cancel any arrangements that might have been made in connection with the satellite CME symposium. The AAFP will not be responsible for any expenditure or other costs incurred by the CME provider or its agent(s) in planning or conducting the Satellite CME symposium.

All communication from AAFP will be directed to the application submitter associated with a CME provider organization. It is the responsibility of the provider to inform their organizers and supporters of AAFP Satellite guidelines.


The company or companies (e.g., pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturer) providing monetary or in-kind support for the activity. All supporters must be listed on the application to hold a satellite event.

Activity Organizer

The organization (e.g., communications company, public relations agency) designated by the CME provider to handle symposium details. If the services of an activity organizer are utilized for a Satellite CME symposium, the CME provider, not the supporter, must hire the company.

Change of CME Provider or Supporter(s)

Upon approval to hold a Satellite CME symposium, AAFP must be notified immediately if the CME provider and/or supporter(s) listed on the application changes.