Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of Booth Rental

Assigned and confirmed exhibit space may be canceled by written notice to the Exhibit Manager at the AAFP corporate offices. If notice of cancellation is received:

  • Before June 1, 2022 – Exhibitor forfeits 50% of total cost for exhibit space assigned.
  • On or After June 1, 2022 – Exhibitor forfeits 100% of total cost of exhibit space assigned.

NOTE: It is the exhibitor's responsibility to cancel all other arrangements made in connection with exhibiting, including hotel reservations, requests for the services of official vendors, or any other contracted services associated with FMX. Exhibitor is liable for any and all fees or penalties associated with cancellation of said services, including without limitation, attrition charges imposed by FMX hotels to the extent applicable to exhibitors' cancellation.

Cancellation of Exposition

In the event of cancellation of the FMX exposition due to fire, strikes, governmental regulations, terrorism, or causes which would prevent or make the same commercially unreasonable its scheduled opening or continuance, then and thereupon exhibitors and the AAFP have no further obligation to each other, and the AAFP management shall determine an equitable basis for the refund of such portion of the exhibit booth fee as is possible, after due consideration of expenditures and commitments already made.