Physician Demographics

Practice Characteristics

Eighty-four percent of active members practice primarily in an office setting. The remaining active members practice in hospital settings, urgent care facilities, institutional residential facilities, and other practice settings.

Sixty-eight percent of practicing members are employees in their practice, 16% are partial owners, 12% are solo owners of their practice, and 3% are not in clinical practice.

Common types of care provided by active members include chronic care management (82%), geriatric care (77%), and urgent care (56%).

Source: 2016 Member Consensus

The Office Practice

More than three-quarters (78%) of active AAFP members are primarily engaged in direct patient care at least 30 hours each week.

In 2017, active AAFP members averaged 46 work hours per workweek, including an average of 32 hours per week of his/her time on patient care tasks and 14 hours per week engaged in administrative tasks.

The most common in-office procedures performed by active AAFP members are EKG (89%), skin procedures (86%), pulmonary function testing (58%), and endometrial biopsy (49%). Other in-office procedures performed by active AAFP members include OB (19%) and non-OB ultrasound imaging (16% each), and cardiac stress testing (9%).

Source: 2015 and 2017 Practice Profile Studies

Common Chronic Conditions

Hypertension (88%), emotional problems (85%), coughs/colds (82%), respiratory infections (77%), and arthritis (73%) are the most common categories of problems for patients seen by active members during a typical two-day visit.

In 2013, out of a total of 210.8 million visits to family physicians, 73.9 million were by patients with hypertension. Other chronic conditions frequently seen by family physicians include hyperlipidemia (55.3 million visits), diabetes (31.9 million visits), arthritis (27.1 million visits), depression (26.9 million visits), and obesity (19.4 million visits).

Sources: 2016 Practice Information Survey, 2013 National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey

Prescriptions and Immunizations

AAFP active members write an average of 114 prescriptions per week. Twenty-nine percent of active members indicate the number of prescriptions written in the past three years has increased.

Family physicians prescribed, administered, or suggested 24% of all medication in 2014, more than general internists (16%), pediatricians (10%), or OB-GYNs (4%).

Nine in 10 active members (90%) provide immunizations in their practice. More than eight in 10 (84%) provide the influenza vaccine.

Sources: 2016 Practice Information Survey, 2014 National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey