The Office of the Future

Charting Your Course Through Value-Based Care and Payment

Tour this FMX Expo Hall exhibit for an enhanced, hands-on experience to help you increase efficiencies and improve patient care with solutions you can take home and immediately apply to your practice. The 2018 Office of the Future exhibit is designed to help you determine your desired path and destination in value-based care.

Office of the Future

The exhibit was created by Connecticut Institute for Primary Care Innovation( (CIPCI) in partnership with the AAFP.

Exhibit Features

Select Your Journey

The Office of the Future helps you identify your place in the value-based care journey and gives you access to industry experts and the resources you need to take your practice to the next level—no matter where that is.

Find out if you are an Explorer, Navigator, or Pioneer and pick up your customized map that will show you how we recommend you experience the Office of the Future.

To enjoy an Office of the Future experience tailored to where you are now and where you are headed on the value-based journey, make this kiosk your first stop.

Office of the Future Guided Tour – Facilitated by CIPCI

Begin the guided tour with a short video introduction in the Office of the Future theater before moving through several featured areas to discover new office designs, enhanced workflows, and the latest technologies. Tours start every 10 minutes and last approximately 30 minutes (you can jump in and out of individual tours—leave and join again at the next station later if needed).

Learn how you can:

Following your tour of featured concepts, opportunities abound to help translate the experience into actionable steps you can take to operationalize these ideas within your practice.

Partners Featured in the Guided Tour:


NextGen Healthcare advances healthcare technology for better patient outcomes while improving the quality of care at lower costs. Focused on four key areas – clinical care, connected health, population health, and financial management – the company’s comprehensive solution set is tailored to the specific needs of ambulatory and specialty practices of all sizes. NextGen Healthcare provides a customizable platform to create solutions and deliver services to help medical and healthcare organizations promote healthy communities, empower physician practice success, and enrich the patient care experience. Visit NextGen Healthcare for additional information. #BelieveinBetter.

Myriad Genetics is a leading molecular and companion diagnostics company dedicated to making a difference in patients’ lives through the discovery and commercialization of transformative products that assess a person’s risk of developing disease, aid in a timely and accurate diagnosis, determine the risk of disease progression and recurrence and guide personalized treatment decisions.

Knowledge Bar

Back by popular demand! This year’s Knowledge Bar features subject matter experts to help you solve technical questions using successful real-life practice enhancement examples.

Partners Featured in the Knowledge Bar:

Find Your PATH to Value-based Care

Presented by Humana

New! A self-guided, digital experience to understand the different models on the value-based care spectrum.

Grab the game board, spin the wheel, and find your PATH to value-based care. This digital gaming experience will explore the value-based care spectrum and help you find the model that best fits you and your practice. There will be challenges along the way, but also strategies to keep you moving forward. How do you win? By discovering the value-based care model made for you.

Office of the Future Exhibitors

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