• AAFP Global Health Summit
    Abstract Submission 

    The AAFP Global Health Summit will be held virtually, October 20–22, 2021. The conference is a great venue to engage in global health discussions on a number of key topics: 

    Leading With Equity and Quality is the 2021 Global Health Summit's overall focus. When working on your presentations, we would like you to bear in mind the Summit Learning Objectives and demonstrate how to:

    • Assess your strengths and needs regarding participating in future global health partnerships and/or enriching current partnerships
    • Identify best practices of ethical and anti-racist engagement with global partners to work towards equity
    • Describe management of noncommunicable and infectious diseases in resource-constrained settings
    • Develop your leadership skills as mentors and teachers of students, residents and clinician partners in global health endeavors
    • Support family medicine faculty and training programs in global settings
    • Explore opportunities to “think globally” in local settings

    When you're ready to begin the abstract submission process, follow the steps below:

    All presenters, co-presenters, and authors must complete the "CME Policy and Procedures for Full Disclosure, Identification and Resolution of Conflicts of Interest" at the time of submission or by May 31, 2021. Abstracts will not be reviewed without a disclosure filed for all listed presenters and authors.

    If you are an AAFP member, follow these instructions to submit your form online:

    1. Visit http://www.aafp.org/conflict (or copy link to your browser)
    2. Select Option 1. Use your AAFP username and password.
    3. Choose your role(s).
    4. Check the appropriate box, whether you have a financial relationship to disclose or not.
    5. If there are disclosures, please select all relationships that apply.
    6. Click the Submit button to submit your form.

    If you are NOT an AAFP member, create an account to submit your form online:

    1. Visit aafp.org/account/home/new (or copy link to your browser)
    2. Follow the instructions to set up an AAFP account. Once you have set up your account, you will have an AAFP username and password.
    3. Follow steps 1 through 6 for AAFP members to complete the Conflict of Interest form.

    Global Health Summit Speaker’s Guide

    Presenters: The words and images we use to explain our work matter. Please review the Speaker's Guide and share with all of your co-presenters.  We aim to create a Global Health Summit where people who identify with any culture, race, country, or creed feel equally welcome, and where the agency of all people is recognized, including colleagues and patients in countries where our members engage in global health work.

    Prepare All Materials and Information

    Please note there is a limit of three submissions per presenter.

    Each submission should include the following:

    • Conflict of Interest form submission (see instructions)
    • Don't forget to review the Guidelines for the Use of Sensitive Materials
    • Title of presentation
    • Short abstract (150 words or fewer)
    • Learning objectives
    • Mini time outline
    • Knowledge, competency, and/or performance gaps
    • Names of presenter(s)/author(s)
    • Contact information
    • Short biosketch for primary presenters/submitter

    Please note that the abstract submission system allows you to save and return to resume the application at a later time.