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2019 Global Health Summit 
October 9 - 12
Hyatt Regency Albuquerque
Albuquerque, NM 87102 

Workshop Schedule By Day

Workshop Descriptions

Clinical Topics in Global Family Medicine
This theme consists of didactic sessions focusing on the exotic diseases that are still encountered abroad, as well as the diagnosis and management of common and chronic diseases in resource-limited environments.

Global Expansion of Family Medicine
This theme addresses the establishment and refinement of family medicine as a discipline abroad. Not merely transplanting the U.S. model abroad, but rather discovering and developing sustainable, self-propagating, indigenous models of Family Medicine is the goal.

Incorporating Global Health into Family Medicine Training and Practice
This theme includes global health program design and implementation, both those educationally driven (e.g., medical school and residency electives or tracks) and those driven by humanitarian motives (e.g., medical missions, disaster response). It also encompasses the local practice of global health (“glocal”) in settings or among populations with similarities to those abroad: underserved, refugee, rural or intercity, or post-disaster care patients.

Reflections in Global Health
This theme presents a venue for sharing testimonials, critiques, philosophical musings, poems, or even works of art about life-changing experiences gained while engaged in global health work.

Research and Evaluation of Global Family Medicine
This theme focuses on meaningful research of global health problems and evaluation of global health programs.

Sessions under this header will be given in a time-shared format. Refer to the schedule or workshops by day information to see which topics will be shared during these sessions.